YOU can help prevent and end modern slavery from any location. Here are some suggestions:

1. Get educated and tell others. Know the signs for identifying victims of slavery.

2. Use your gifts, skills, expertise. For example, create a painting or write a song to be a voice for the voiceless. Or, create a drama and perform for schools and youth groups, warning about trafficking tactics to help prevent bondage.

3. If you’re a business owner, think through your business practices and make changes if necessary. Are people being enslaved to make the products you sell? Request a training. And/or print and display our cards that let people know how to recognize, respond and report.

4. If you’re a medical professional, ensure the staff at your hospital, clinic or office know how to identify a victim of human trafficking and who to contact if a patient is a victim. Request a training.

5. Buy responsibly. Do research before making purchases.

6. Prevent slavery and help recognize and respond to victims by starting a community watch type program in your neighborhood.

7. Tell your government officials stopping slavery is important to you and you want it to be one of their priorities. Click here to find out who your government reps are and how to contact them.

8. Educate tomorrow’s decision makers by donating books and media on modern slavery and human trafficking to schools, churches, and public libraries.

9. Entertain with a purpose by hosting a movie night about slavery with your friends. Contact us and we’ll provide you with resources and a film from our library.

11. Print and distribute our cards that let people know how to recognize slavery, report it and respond.

12. Ignite a wildfire by devoting your Facebook status or Tweets once a week to anti-slavery efforts. Like us on Facebook. And retweet our tweets.

13. Fund the cause by holding a fundraiser. Click here for ideas.

14. Gather a prayer team and pray for victims, anti-slavery workers, and slavery issues locally and globally. Sign-up to receive our prayer calendars. 

Think creatively. No matter your profession or situation in life – you can respond to the injustices in our world.