Buy Responsibly

Slave-free Products in West Michigan

The following stores sell slave-free or fair-trade products:

  • Betterway Imports
  • Clothing Matters: 2055 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
  • Global Fusion: 143 Diamond Ave SE, Grand Rapids
  • Global Gifts: 2055 28th St SE # 8, Grand Rapids
  • The Bridge: 8th Street in Holland
  • WAR International Store: 2790 44th St, Wyoming

Slave-free Products in Eastern Michigan

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Coffee Shops

Several coffee shops throughout Michigan sell slave-free coffee. Here are some examples of coffee shops with fair trade options:

  • Biggby
  • Common Ground Coffee House: 1319 East Fulton, Grand Rapids
  • Kava House: 1445 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids
  • Madcap: on Monroe Center, downtown Grand Rapids
  • Starbucks

Eat Locally

Knowing where the food you’re eating comes from is important for a variety of reasons, including assurance that your food is a slave-free product. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  • Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores carry local products. Do research online to find the best options in your area.
  • Purchase food from local Farmer’s Markets.
  • Restaurants: Eat at restaurants that serve locally grown food. Look online for lists in your area.

Learn what your slavery footprint is.

Other Slave-free Products and Shops

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