Slavery and human trafficking can be prevented. We are proactive and equip others to be the same by addressing root causes.

In order to end slavery, we need to dig out root causes. If slavery were a tree it would have roots that produce fruit, bad fruit. What would happen if you tried to get rid of the tree by cutting it down at the trunk? Answer: The roots would still exist. To truly get rid of the tree, the roots need to be dug out.

Outreach and aftercare are important, but wouldn’t it be great if one day we worked outreach and aftercare workers out of their jobs?! Digging out root causes is key. Poverty, sexual abuse, domestic violence, greed, addictions, and broken relationships are all root causes. We need to educate the young and old. Prevention starts at a young age – if you’re a teacher, ask your school if you can develop an awareness campaign in order to educate children on human trafficking. If you’re a parent, talk openly with your children about issues in the world. If you’re a part of a church community, ensure your church offers help to those struggling with sexual addictions, pornography, abuse, or broken relationships. We also need to educate our communities to show law enforcement this issue is important to us and we want it to be one of their priorities. Ending slavery means digging out the root causes and planting new, life giving trees in our communities.

Help us prevent this injustice.